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About Us

Rebuild Resources is a non-profit social enterprise helping recovering men and women rebuild their lives through the most powerful social program of all: A job.

Founded in 1984 by a recovering alcoholic, we own and operate businesses in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

We provide meaningful, transitional employment for men and women who want to become sober, self-sufficient and of service.

As a nonprofit social enterprise, we carry out our mission by directly employing men and women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, in our own businesses.  Program participants work here long enough to build a job history and a work reference, and earn the fundamental skills required to become a valuable employee.  While they are here, we give them assistance and training to help them secure a more permanent job in the community so that they may leave successfully and make room for the next candidate.

Our businesses also serve as the economic engines that sustain our work. We aim to fund eighty percent of our budget from business revenues, and twenty percent from the generosity of individuals, foundations, businesses, churches, and service organizations.

Our approach effectively interrupts the cycle of addiction, joblessness, poverty and incarceration.  Over 1,000 recovering men and women have graduated from Rebuild, with a measured success rate of sixty-eight percent and a social return of nearly half a million dollars per successful graduate.

With your support - as customer, business partner, mentor or donor - we continue to deliver dramatic human and social results.

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Nou’s Story

I have been an addict for eleven years. I thought my life was fine because I kept a job, paid my bills and got high. I thought I was doing fine, but when it came down to it, life wasn’t complete. I was using my money to get high, and I lost custody of my kids.

I got sober at the beginning of this year, and finally got my life straight. Rebuild gave me a chance to make an honest living, instead of running the streets and selling dope. Now I know I’ll get a paycheck, and can actually provide for my kids. I’m not worried about having to go back to jail, or do something illegal to provide for my family.

I’m getting my life back together. I’m going back to school. I have my own place, and I plan to buy a house one day. I’m more responsible than I was seven months ago. I know I’ll get my kids back.
Rebuild has taught me the job skills that employers want. With Rebuild helping me on my job search, I know that my future looks brighter.


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Rebuild is an Accredited Social Enterprise

Accredited Social Enterprise


Our custom branded apparel and promotional merchandise will keep your people and your brand looking great.

Make your manufacturing and assembly processes leaner and more productive while allowing your skilled labor force to focus on higher-return projects.
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